What is it that sets great athletes apart from good athletes?

What can give you the edge to set you apart from your teammates?

The answer is to develop explosive speed and amazing agility! We have designed our gym to give athletes programs which focus on the specific qualities of speed and agility that will set you apart from your teammates and your competitors, no matter what your sport.

Eazy Swarthout
Mr. Swarthout is a Certified Personal Trainer
who has years of experience coaching youth soccer
Mr. Swarthout was three sport letterman in high school
He is currently the business director and Co-Owner of Explosive Speed Gym

We are dedicated to the success of all of our athletes. Our athletes can be trained on an individual level or in a group setting. Our training programs will develop you to become faster and stronger. The first phase of the program is to target the development of each athlete's speed and agility. The second phase is to target the specific speed and agility needs of the sport that you are focused on.

Why is speed important? Speed alone is a quality of a good athlete, but having the speed at the right moment and in the explosive stage of your run allows athletes to produce better results in their sport. This explosive speed is what helps identify great athletes, and allows you to stand out from your peers on the field.

Why is agility important? Playing a competitive sport requires athletes to change direction quickly. While changing your direction you need to maintain body control, speed and balance. By entering into our phase 1 training program, you will learn techniques to gain strength and body control.

Many sports teams talk about how important speed and agility are but never focus mainly on them. Explosive Speed Gym does just that! We work you to your fullest and help you grow and develop. Whether you are a second string trying to move into a starting position or whether you are a starter trying to develop yourself to take you to the next level, our program will make you a success. When entering our facility you will see that we are honing in on three areas: speed, agility and your success!